Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pictures that are Worth a Thousand Words....

We always like getting things from readers at Beldon’s Blues Point. And the following pictures are real special. They were sent by Officer J.D. Downs, a member of the police force at the University of the District of Columbia, where I now work. In addition to keeping us safe over here, Officer Downs likes to photograph musicians. And he gets great angles. See for yourself: a picture—especially one taken by Officer Downs—is worth a thousand words.

Here's J.D.'s picture of a performance by the Atlanta-based funk/metal/rock group Mother's Finest. On stage, playing at the Kentland Park Community Center in Landover, MD are singer/co-founder Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy and bassist Jerry "Wizard" Seay:

And here's J.D.'s picture of the late, great, Garry Shider, long-time guitarist and musical director for George Clinton's P-Funk All-Stars:

And the next two are of Philip Bailey, singer for Earth, Wind, & Fire (as if you didn't know):

Like I said, a picture is worth a thousand words. We'd like to hear from other readers as well. Contact us at

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